Zoom Art December 2020

Updates still pending

Make sure you check your email for access to zoom class

Complete Supplies List:
9x12 heavy drawing paper (or larger) 
9x12 canvas (or larger)
watercolor paper (or larger)
#2 Pencil with eraser
graphite pencils: 4-b, H-B, 2-H
Prisma Color colored pencils
blending stump
acrylic paints: red, blue, yellow, black, white (minimum)
brushes: point, 1/4" flat, 1/2 flat (minimum)
watercolor brushes
paper towels
old magazines
glue stick

Weekly Class print outs (Coming soon)

worksheet 1

coming soon

worksheet 2


reference 1

coming soon

reference 2

coming soon

example 1

 coming soon

example 2

To save and print:
On a laptop/desktop: Right click and 'Save Image As...'
After saving reference and worksheet images print at home (use high quality printer with good ink) or save files to thumb drive and take to Office Depot to print.
Images must be printed as full page (8.5"x11")